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American-Made Steel Cased Ammo

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First time I had heard of this:

Steel-Case Ammo Made in USA: Winchester's USA Forged -


The "sooty chamber" comment posted (Which is what the author heard from someone, and thus must be subject to the Dean Speir "Gun store guy" rule by my reading at this point) would track with some experience with Russian steel cased ammo if confirmed.

Anyone had experience with this ammo yet?
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I read that article about steel case being hard on the barrel, but the problem really seemed separate from the case--it was that the powder eroded the gas hole/vent and had nothing to do with steel cases.
The issue should be: how much did you spend on your gun and is it worth shooting crap ammo through it?
Personally, I have tried reloading steel cases and found that they reloaded just fine; however, when fired the gun sort of "stuttered" like it was having a hard time extracting the case and the bullets hit far from where brass-case ammo hit. I could well see poor reliability in .223 and, possibly, extractor breakage.
So, if all you want to do is spray bullets around, don't buy an expensive gun or shoot a .223/5.56.
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