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Another Addition to My S&W Family

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I made a long delayed trip to my local gun store last week and low and behold, they had not one, but TWO used S&W revolvers. One was a nickle Model 28 4", but it was an aftermarket nickle job and was terrible! I eyed the other, a Model 19, and asked to examine it. She was pinned and recessed and in excellent shape. I went home and mulled it over.

After weighing the pros and cons, I discussed it with my better half and made it mine.

It's a 4" with beautiful target stocks, a serial number which shows it was made in 1970, 98% overall, easy. The double action pull was sweet, and the single action typical S&W.

I really love K frame S&W's. If I could just find one of these in the round butt, 2 1/2" barrel format (the next time I have some disposable cash)...ahhhh, heaven! :)
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Pretty cool! Does this site still allow pictures?
I'm working on that. I think the missus put her camera out of reach...hmmm...wonder what she's trying to tell me?

I promise to have some hopefully decent pics posted soon. :)
It must be contagious... I just bought a 4" blue M19 with a s/n of K4... 99%, rr, w/o, TT, TH, TS and, sadly, the original box:rolleyes:
He shoots, he scores! :thumbsup:
Thanks, Pete. There's just something about a K-frame that's just right. Now, I've gotta keep my eye open for a Model 15 with a 4 inch barrel (did they make a round butt 2 1/2 inch M-15?). Carried one in the USAF where my post dictated it, and shot it in competition in 1979 and 1980. You really don't see many around here.

If you spot one in decent shape and they don't want and arm and a leg for it, holler at me. :D
Okay. I think I've got a decent photo of my new to me Model 19. Let's see if I can get it posted here. :)
Sonofagun! It freakin worked! Let's try another.
Nice wood! ;-)
Thanks, Snake.

And at my age, I lucky to have it!:D
Man, that is so pretty it hurts! :thumbsup:
That finish is a labor of love.
Yeah, Pete. It really is a pretty nice polish on that sixgun. I'm glad it seemed to have spent most of it's time in a drawer or safe.

I was first drawn to the Model 28, but the nickel was an aftermarket job. Even the sights were nickle plated. And it was peeling off.:eek:mg: Shame. A 4 inch Model 28 is a nice working gun.
Since this is Terry's thread that the twerp spammed, how about tying up his monitor with pop-ups of Terry in a red nappy and thigh-boots?:eek:mg:
He could pose with his new K-19 (there, we're back on topic):cool:
Somehow, I get the impression that the producers of "ZARDOZ" did not seek input from the NRA...
Okay, Pete. Now, since you brought it up, YOU gotta take the picture.(Better find some way to make this work related, 'cause you're gonna be sick for a long, LONG time!)

You guys simply have to stop doing this to me...:help:

just home from a SC show and a 6" K-38 (K2xxx) serial number jumped in my bag... the good news is that it brought along the original gold box
Hope you can get the mental image out of your mind, Charlie. Hell, I shower in the dark so I don't have to look! :eek:mg:

And good score on that K-38! :)
Range Report

I got to shoot a few rounds from that Model 19 yesterday in my back yard kinda sorta range.

PMC 130 grain ball, only had about 25 feet of range to shoot.

Oh, Charlie, also shot my little Officer's model. On the 412th round, had a failure to feed. Slapped the back of the receiver and that solved the problem. Fed the rest of the magazine fine. (I went ahead and ordered a new recoil spring just in case)

Anyway, the target was a scaled down B-27 type. First 6 from the Smith were low and left. Shot a 1 3/4" group, with best 5 in 7/8". Adjusted the sights, and the next 12 were dead center in 1 7/8 inches.

Here's a picture...
Danke, Ed. Although at 25 feet, I should be able to THROW the bullets and get group about that small :)
I even ran a few rounds through my K-10 Saturday, after the J-49 got a workout. I've found that, for me, it doesn't take a lot of shooting before I start feeling like I'm just burning ammo and not getting quality practice. I'd rather go often for short range sessions, than see how much ammo I can shoot at one time.
I know what you mean, Pete. Especially in this heat! I was pouring sweat before I got my little target stand set up! And since ammo ain't exactly cheap, I gotta get the MOST out of it

('Course it didn't help that I got my wheelchair stuck TWICE before I got the 30 or so yards from my house to the spot where I shoot. Damned moles! At least my daughter's little Rottweiler puppy killed one the other day. Found it chewed up on my front deck.)

I really just wanted to sight the Model 19 in...I've found if you're zeroed at 25 feet, you're pretty close at 25 yards with most handguns and ammo.
Don't dis your rod, there Bearcat. She looks pretty good to me. Like
your grips. Is that a Presidential Seal on them?
Heck, Bubba, that revolver looks great, the grips are beautiful and the price...well as Ralph Kramden used to say..."HominaHominaHominaHomina!"

Nice Score, Pete! :mrgreen: I've always wanted a 1917 Smith. The last one I saw was at Larry's in Huntsville. It looked about like you describe yours, but this one had cylinder play in it (front to back and side to side) that there was no way it was a shooter. :grumble:

Is it pre-drilled for the lanyard ring?

Try to get them photos working. Dying to see it!
It turns out the actual S/N is 19xxx, located on the grip heel, under the barrel and on the cylinder. The other number, inside the crane area (where modern S&W S/N's are located) are something else.
Pete, the SCSW shows serial numbers 1-209271 as being manufactured between 1917 and 1946. Early post WW-I is my best guess. You could have it lettered and nail it down.

And I am absolutely GREEN with envy. She looks great! Let us know how it shoots! (And if you got a hat, a whip and a leather coat, you could do the whole Indiana Jones thing! :D)
Done deal, Pete. Just call my cell. I go back to work next Tuesday, the tenth. You can drop by the S.O. :D:D
Hello Irish Cop; Nice job picking up a mod. 19. A police officer friend of mine, helped me buy a 4" 19 in about 95% condition about a year ago. The gun was in some estate and they had contacted my friend to help them get rid of it. I have not fired it yet. I have heard a steady diet of .357 mag is pretty hard on these guns. Have you heard the same, or have you had actual experience with .357 in these guns? I mostly shoot my mod 29's, 57's and 58's and on occasion my 5" mod 27, 6"28 or 6" Python. I shoot 1911's the most.

Take care, Beemerrider
Beemer, I've owned a couple of Model 66's in my time, but this is my first blue steel version of that platform. Never really put a whole lot of magnums through any of them.

The popular wisdom is that they are NOT made for constant shooting with magnum loads, and I admit that it seems logical. Some say it's only the 125 grainers that cause the problem, that they shoot 158 grain magnums exclusively and have no problems.

Personally, I practice with .38's, and even carry with 158 grain SWCHP's in the +P loading, and save the hot 125 grainers for invading muslim hordes or the zombie apocalypse.;)
I had always understood that it was the K-frame .357s that wore out from heavy magnum shooting, and that the stronger L-frames were introduced in response to this, midwifed by Bill Jordan, among others.
Am I missing (or forgotten) something?
Pete, I know that's why the L-frames were brought out. Old doctrine was to practice with .38's, load magnums for duty. That changed, and departments started requiring qualification with duty loads, which had a lot of Model 19's in for repairs, as the story goes.

Bill Jordan was a prime driver behind the Model 19 - he wanted something lighter for LEO's to carry than a Model 28, but which could still handle magnum loads. He thought that a K frame magnum would be just the ticket. I never heard of his involvement with the devolpment of the L Frame series...but that don't mean nothin'!
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