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Another Addition to My S&W Family

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I made a long delayed trip to my local gun store last week and low and behold, they had not one, but TWO used S&W revolvers. One was a nickle Model 28 4", but it was an aftermarket nickle job and was terrible! I eyed the other, a Model 19, and asked to examine it. She was pinned and recessed and in excellent shape. I went home and mulled it over.

After weighing the pros and cons, I discussed it with my better half and made it mine.

It's a 4" with beautiful target stocks, a serial number which shows it was made in 1970, 98% overall, easy. The double action pull was sweet, and the single action typical S&W.

I really love K frame S&W's. If I could just find one of these in the round butt, 2 1/2" barrel format (the next time I have some disposable cash)...ahhhh, heaven! :)
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I certainly agree with you on the beauty of K Frame revolvers, works of deadly art.
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