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Another Addition to My S&W Family

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I made a long delayed trip to my local gun store last week and low and behold, they had not one, but TWO used S&W revolvers. One was a nickle Model 28 4", but it was an aftermarket nickle job and was terrible! I eyed the other, a Model 19, and asked to examine it. She was pinned and recessed and in excellent shape. I went home and mulled it over.

After weighing the pros and cons, I discussed it with my better half and made it mine.

It's a 4" with beautiful target stocks, a serial number which shows it was made in 1970, 98% overall, easy. The double action pull was sweet, and the single action typical S&W.

I really love K frame S&W's. If I could just find one of these in the round butt, 2 1/2" barrel format (the next time I have some disposable cash)...ahhhh, heaven! :)
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Hey, for once I'm ahead of the curve, with my K-10 purchase a few weeks back!
BTW, good catch, Terry!:thumbsup:
The S&W revolvers currently at the top of my wish list are a RB 3" K-13 and an M1917. No doubt others will catch my fancy.;)
Man, that is so pretty it hurts! :thumbsup:
That finish is a labor of love.
Yeah, Pete. It really is a pretty nice polish on that sixgun. I'm glad it seemed to have spent most of it's time in a drawer or safe.

I was first drawn to the Model 28, but the nickel was an aftermarket job. Even the sights were nickle plated. And it was peeling off.:eek:mg: Shame. A 4 inch Model 28 is a nice working gun.
If you had the extra bucks, that 28 would have been a nice rescue and refinish.
Would somebody please hack the troll's computer with the "Badger, Badger" video?
Tommy, the mere mention of that could qualify as a "friendly fire" incident.:p
Since this is Terry's thread that the twerp spammed, how about tying up his monitor with pop-ups of Terry in a red nappy and thigh-boots?:eek:mg:
He could pose with his new K-19 (there, we're back on topic):cool:
Somehow, I get the impression that the producers of "ZARDOZ" did not seek input from the NRA...
OK, I get the hint already! I'll take the K-10 with me to the range!:p
Okay, Pete. Now, since you brought it up, YOU gotta take the picture.(Better find some way to make this work related, 'cause you're gonna be sick for a long, LONG time!)

I'll pass thanks. :)
Getting the twerp isn't worth the damage to my eyes, camera or computer--not to mention my somewhat precarious sanity. :p
I even ran a few rounds through my K-10 Saturday, after the J-49 got a workout. I've found that, for me, it doesn't take a lot of shooting before I start feeling like I'm just burning ammo and not getting quality practice. I'd rather go often for short range sessions, than see how much ammo I can shoot at one time.
Don't dis your rod, there Bearcat. She looks pretty good to me. Like
your grips. Is that a Presidential Seal on them?
Agreed. Is that stainless?
It's polished nickel, I bought the grips on ebay a few years ago and that is the seal of the United States, it's a scrimshawed ivory inlay. The very best part is that I bought the gun at a show several years ago for $175.00, No I'm not kidding.
$175? You practically stole it!!:D
Smitten again!!:D
I just brought home a nice service-grade S&W civilian M1917!
It's a matte brownish color with very little if any rust and a few dings, so it looks like a well cared-for working gun. It has the later 'plow handle' grips, so now I will be looking for original-shape grips and a lanyard ring.
It came with several full-moon clips and a 'declip' tool.

I shot the better part of a box of ammo, and it easily outshot me :p , but the only issue was that those huge stocks caused the gun to slide down in my hand. I can live with that, though. I'll try to post pics in the morning.
Sha-ZAM!! It worked; my new toy.:cool:

I took the photos with my iPhone and emailed the pics to myself. I was able to cut&paste from my inbox. The pics came out surprisingly well, considering there was no flash.

I have wanted one of these for decades, but had pretty much given up on finding one. It has a Century Arms import stamp under the barrel but no military or national markings; does anyone know where it might have come home from?
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It worked at first, but (on my iPhone) I'm now seeing the 'x-boxes'. :(
Hm. Double Hm. I can see my pics on my computer. When I get the Imageshack thing figured out, I'll post photos taken with my digital camera.
Thanks, Terry! Like I said, I was not looking for it, and certainly had no plans to buy a gun, but when you run across something like this, you have to pounce! I paid a little over $300, but I've read where guns in similar condition have brought a lot more.

It has normal cylinder play, and I couldn't tell anything unusual when I shot it. The only mechanical quirk I noticed is that the cylinder sticks a bit when I open it. And yes, it is tapped for a lanyard ring. After handling a J-frame for a while now, this thing feels like a hoss! :cool:
Sorry, but pics will have to wait. My computer picked up a virus (ransomware), and it has the computer stopped cold!:mad: Oh, well. At least I have this iPhone.
Are you back at work now? You don't seem to be online as much as you used to be.
Several years ago Century imported sme of these 1917s from Brazil, but as I recall they had Brazilian crests on the side.
The "Brazilian" M1917s were military contracts, so yes, they were stamped. Quite a few have been brought back over the years.
After seeing your post, I wondered if a previous owner might have replaced the sideplate. Looking at the gun, the sideplate does appear to have slightly different coloring and wear, but there's no way I'd be confident saying that it is a replacement. It's much more likely the gun came back from somewhere else.
Hopefully these pics of my .45 will come through:

OK, I see 'em--do you?
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See 'em! Nice gun! Like those classic ol' revolvers -- simple, elegant.
The stars of many classic movies and old TV shows as well.
Thanks; I'm finally figuring out how to use Imageshack. Now, to get correct grips and lanyard ring. No Jerry Miculeks for me, no sir!:p
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