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Another Newbie

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Hello all, I am just recently into shooting again (after a 20 year absince) I have lurked at Sports.Rec for a long time but could not post since I wasn't a prodigy customer. I have been reduced to getting my information from all the experts at rec.guns (Arrrghh, They are still fighting over 9mm vs. .45 and Glock vs. everything else. I'm picking up a Ruger SS 5.5" Bull barrel MKII to get started again and hopt to get a .45 soon. I am doing this on the cheap so I will have to leave the 1911 until I can afford what I want. Right now I am going back and forth between the Ruger KP97 (the gangbanger special) and the CZ 97B. I am leaning towards the CZ but it will probably cost a bit more. Anyone have any expiernece with these? How about you CZ gunner?

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Ed --

Before going and dumping your money into something that is not what you really want, you might want to investigate further. There are quite a few reasonably priced 1911 style pistols on the market that may be in or close to the range of the other 2 guns you mentioned.

Specifically, you might look for the Rock River Arms 1911, the Charles Daly and if you look up on Dean wrote an article on the Auto Ordnance 1911. Also, Import Sports brings in the Llama firearms but I am not sure of parts compatibility with their .45s because their earlier models were not parts compatible!

I'll also add that I think Springfield Armory is making some decent 1911s, particularly in the Milspec and Loaded lines. Quality control is still not as good as it should be, so inspect before you buy. But I think Springfield is worth a look, and I am very satisfied with a recently purchased Custom Loaded. I think I can go so far to say that even our somewhat cynical friend Dean was favorably impressed in his brief range session with it.

For the price range you mention, I'd look at a Springfield Armory Milspec if you want a decent, entry-level 1911.
Ed... You've gotten two very different but equally worthwhile comments.

It is rarely a good idea to buy any gun because it is cheaper than what you really want. What happens is you end up actually spending more money and may be stuck with a gun or end up taking a bath when you get rid of it.

The Springfield Rob mentions is a good buy and would also make a nice foundation if later on you wanted to have something built.

But Mike's suggestion of a Rock River will put you in a gun that doesn't need anything done to it and will shoot as well or better than stuff that costs lots more. If you look at the price of a bare bones gun and then what you will probably spend down the road getting it fixed up, there is usually a significant economy to biting the bullet and getting a more expensive gun up front.

I own a Rock River Basic Limited Match which will routinely shoot under 3" 10 shot groups at 50 yd. with decent ammo. The downside is that they're slow so it will give you the chance to save up.

welcome aboard.
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Thanks for your replies

Thanks guys for your insites. It is so nice to actually be able to correspond with the likes of you guys rather than lurking in the old Sports.Rec. I appreciate your comments and will definately look into it.
Whoa Fellas!

I checked out the Rock River Arms page and they sure do look nice but the least expensive gun was $1150. I know that someday I want a good 1911 but in the meantime, for that price I could get a decent Ruger.22 to shoot all the time on the cheap and either the Ruger or CZ .45 as a good, servicable PDW. Now the Springfield Milspec might be doable. Would that require much refining or should that be reliable out of the box?

Thanks again,

Re: Whoa Fellas!

SpecialEd said:
I checked out the Rock River Arms page and they sure do look nice but the least expensive gun was $1150.
I suspect that Mikegunner really meant Rock Island instead of Rock River. The Rock Island, Charles Daly, and at least one other importer's M1911 are all made by the firm ARMSCOR in the Philippines.

The few Charles Daly that I have had the displeasure of examining were quite poorly made with serious fitting issues and more often than not poor reliability. Seriously, they make the Norinco M1911s look like pre-Gold Cup Colt National Match. (In spite of their often rough machinework, most Norinco M1911 pistols which I encountered would actually work, and some were even reasonably accurate.)

In one example, the sear was so far out of spec that a replacement Wilson thumb safety dropped in and worked without fitting of the safety surfaces. (The thumb safety was replaced since the factory ambi-safety had its own problems.) Some examples wouldn't even feed factory ball ammo with any regularity. One fellow was smart enough to immediately get rid of his. The other, an immigrant from the Philippines, was feeling nationalistic and as a glutton for punishment, bought a second Daly pistol as a companion to his first. Neither were sterling performers, but at least the second pistol looked better than the first. Eventually, the reality of the matter sunk in, and I understand that he has finally dumped both pistols and moved up the M1911 food chain.
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Used S&W4566

Hola Ed,

If you're willing to consider used .45 autos, other than the Ruger or the CZ, here's a contact that may interest you:

Phil Flack
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (828)252-9487
Location: Asheville NC
Price: $400.00
For sale: Three consecutive serial number Smith model 4566. PD trade ins, excellent condition, 90-95% with two mags each. $400 each plus shipping. Take all three, shipped insured: $1175. Must ship to FFL.

The S&W's are good serviceable and PDW worthy semiautos and may be within your price range.

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Thanks but too late!

Hey Nemo, thanks for the tip but I've already spent my money. :oops: I ended up getting the Ruger .22 for cheap plinking and target practice and a new F.E.G. High Power clone. It feels great in the hand but the trigger needs a little work. I also got two very good 13 round mags (they actually hold 14), some new cocobolo grips are on the way (I got a great deal on them too from someone who orderd them and decided they were two dark for their particular gun). Now I just need to practice, practice, practice! (I'm also saving my pennies for either a S&W or Taurus CH, DAO, .38 snubbie. :D


Hi-Power? Good choice!

Well, sorry I was late... I just joined the forum today.

For your newly acquired HP you may want to check Cylinder&Slide parts for your trigger job, but first find out how parts-compatible are the FEG with the Browning.

Shoot straight and shoot safe!
(no one)

According to the good folks at they are completely interchangeable. There is also a quote from a gunsmith stating the F.E.G. is an excellent buy and completely worthy of customizing, etc., etc. I'm satisfied with it. :eek:

I do plan on removing the mag disconnect safety and see how much that helps though. :idea:


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