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Another what was I drinking movie

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I found it, Jim Carrey is going to be the Six Million Dollar Man in an upcoming movie :barf: Since when was the bionic man a comedy? I suppose he will do his own sound effects for the bionics :roll:

From another site:

Next up. Jim's being a work-a-holic again! A new movie has been added to his buffet table, set to shoot Fall, 2004. What is it? A comedic remake of the 1970's Lee Majors TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man." (Insert cheesy cyborg sound FX here.) The story is basically about an astronaught who gets in a horrible accident, and is turned into a cyborg to save his life. (Key line: "We can rebuild him. We have the technology.") Our big quetion is, if it cost $6 million in the '70s, how much would it cost now with inflation?

Set to direct is Todd Phillips, to write is Scott Armstrong, and the production company is Dimension Films.
Ok, now what? A Squad 51 movie that gets made and trahsed? Any takes on who would be Johnny and Roy? How about Arnold and Stallone? A couple of Rambo style Terminedics? They really need to get some new blood in Hollywood. :barf:
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