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Any .45 4 inch LW compacts left?

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I am trying to figure out if anyone is still manufactuing a 4-1/4 inch barell lightweight compact 1911 with an officers grip, like the Colt CCO or Kimber lightweight compact. I do not want to pay for the premium guns like the Kimber CDP. No Para LDAs either. Any ideas?
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The Kimber Compact AL (alloy frame) is their basic vanilla version, and NOT a CDP. Not sure how much less it is than the CDP version.
I don't know the weight on this model (Stainless Steel but carbon alloy steel is an option) but it sure is a nice looking peice!

Dan Wesson Patriot Concealed Carry:
The Dan Wesson is a good looking gun,as is the Kimber Compact, but theyare both steel frames. Kiber no longer makes the Compact alloy frame in their basic gun. I asked The Kimber Custom Shop if they would consider making one up for me and they said no.
They only have the Ultra Carry and CDP in the Compact Alloy Models. They said the alloy compacts didn't sell for them so they discontinued them. That's why I'm looking for ideas.

The Dan Wesson site says that carbon alloy steel is an option but they didn't list a price or a weight. The DW's are really starting to catch my eye, they have some top notch parts plus you can get the Ed Brown bob-cut. I'd like to see one up close.

Looking at some other sites, It looks like DW might be having some problems keeping up with demands though.

Caspian can hook you with a matched and fitted frame and slide for just over 400 I think it is... rest of the work is up to you, but you can have it done to your specs.
I'll take another look at DW. The Bob cut would be great if it's affordable.
Hey, this is pretty interesting. According to their site, the Bob cut is no more than the regular Commander. They don't mention how much the alloy would be, but I'll find out on Monday. Thanks for the lead. Anyone have experiance with the Dan Wesson 1911s?
I'll check Caspian also, thanks

Please post what you find out. I am really interested. I also like the looks of the STI Ranger II since wer're up in the $1000 MSRP range. But the DW has some STI parts on it.

I'll let you know what I find. I don't mind paying for a good 1911, but I don't want to get into the premium stuff. I've shot a Kimber Custom II for years and it's fine with me. Now I just want one smaller for carry. I might have to resort to the pro carry with a full size grip.
I'm in the market for my first 1911 and can't decide between just starting out with a full size gun to get used to it or to get a carry size gun. I have two High Powers and a Smith model 586 but I don't have a small gun for carry (no license yet, in the future though) and I don't have a .45 so I was thinking of combining the two. I started out looking at entry-level but the more I look the more my tastes escalate. :cry:

Ed, I would try to shoot some different size 1911s before making that decission. I've heard about too much controversy with the super short 3 to 3 1/2 in. 45s to trust them. The guys at Kimber told me the biggest return item they get in their shop is the Ultra Carry. Not because they malfunction, but because people can't shoot them well and their perception is it's the guns fault so they send them back. They said this applies to experianced 1911 shooters. Go figure. Personally, I'd always start with a full size and if you are really comfortable with it as a defense weapon, try something smaller like a commander of compact.
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