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The omnivorous nature of most Glocks is both a strong and weak point. Glocks can feed and chamber rounds which simply are not wise to shoot...rounds that are loaded way too short (or have collapsed from multiple chamberings or a lack of neck tension), reloads that use cases recycled and resized so often that they look like mini-belted magnums, etc.*

In many ways, Glocks are victims of their own press hype. There is a certain breed of doofi who read the stories of durability and torture tests and then come to the conclusion that since the pistol is 'indestructable', common sense and safety precautions can be tossed out the window. A small minority even appear to take it as a personal challenge to see what stunts they can pull, ranging from deliberate overloads to cleaning out defective cartridge bins at the range.


*Of course, there are probably more shooters than we'd like to imagine who are absolutely clueless about assembling a proper handload. I knew one IPSC shooter who admited to scooping a caseful of powder and then seating a bullet when asked about the high Power Factor recorded for his .40 S&W competition loads. Then you get people who swap jacketed bullet data for use with lead. Others pay no attention to crimp or over-all length. Heck, some are even lucky to seat a primer properly.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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