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O, my…

Are there any other major pistol companies experiencing KB's with factory fresh ammo besides Glock.... … It just seems like the only KB's that we hear about with premium factory ammo is the Glock......or am I wrong?
That's an excellent question, and one which most of the Kool Aid drinkers continue to ignore.

But the truth of the matter is that virtually all of the Glock kB!s I've tracked occur with commercially re-manufactured or personally (by the shooter/owner) reloaded ammunition, and the ones where "factory new" rounds were involved, the manufacturer was Federal (the pre-November 1995 .40 S&Ws) or American Ammo with their copper-plated projectiles (mostly .45 ACP).

Now, riddle me this… why weren't/haven't pistols of other manufacture experienced similar catastrophic failures with those rounds?

I submit that what we've presented in the Glock kB! FAQ for the past six plus years in valid, albeit not "conclusive" as some of the detractors have attempted to claim we've presented it as:
  1. Glocks of the non-9 X 19mm variety have unsupported chambers.
  2. Some Glocks have the ability to fire out-of-battery enough so that at the point of ignition, even more of the case web is unsupported. [/*:m:wimni2n9]
Now I just received less than an hour ago an abstract of a report which first was mentioned on the G&A Forum (of all places) a year ago in August when a Federal agency started experiencing an alarming number of kB!s with their .40 caliber Glocks. The short form is that the barrels Rockwelled very inconsistently (No big news here! I have a similar lab report regarding the Model 21/Winchester STHP event from 1991 which caused "SPI") and that the Tenifer finish was harder than the steel to which it was applied. (I'm attempting to get the original report which, if I'm successful, will cause such fear and anger among those who genuflect when Gaston's name is mentioned, that I'll probably have to leave the Northern Hemisphere for the next year.)

So, I'm sure that CeePee has some well-rounded thoughts on the subject, as well.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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