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Any kB!-less Glocks???

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Just as I was starting to feel good again because my G23 had a "born on" date of 8/96, I went to the GZ and what do I find? A 23 with an alpha-prefix of AYR kB!ed with factory Federal ammo. Then you've got another story about a 36 that, as Schmit put it, did a "self induced catastrophic disassembly." And you've even got a photo were a Glock with an after-market barrel came apart.

You said there has never been a documented kB! in a 9x19 but you've also documented some major problems with the G19. Soooo, is there any Glock I can trust or should I relegate the 23 to the range and carry one of my other sidearms?[/b]
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Way back in 1987 in Las Vegas I was standing next to a guy who blew the mag out of his G17 w some of his own reloaded ammo. Is that a kB?

In the summer of 02 several Glocks and a Walther P99 kBd at the local indoor rental range when cases failed. All w the range ammo, new PMC 165 FMJ/FP, which is not a "hot" load at all (165 @ 985). Saw the P99; frame had hairline cracks on both sides from locking block to mag release area. Case had a crescent shaped piece of brass blown from web area.

Back in May, when Warren County PD had several kBs w 155 Fed ammo, was that the old Fed ammo/cases, or the new ammo? There was a good opportunity to try it in some other guns and compare the damage? :wink:
Have not heard of any reports of kBs w the .380 and 45 GAP Glocks. Yet.

And I buzz just about every pile on the mis/disinformation cowpath... ;)
A Titan missile had a really big kB over Vandenberg AFB in California. One of our troopers got a medal for rescuing a civilian news crew that got trapped in a brush fire from the fallout.
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