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Any kB!-less Glocks???

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Just as I was starting to feel good again because my G23 had a "born on" date of 8/96, I went to the GZ and what do I find? A 23 with an alpha-prefix of AYR kB!ed with factory Federal ammo. Then you've got another story about a 36 that, as Schmit put it, did a "self induced catastrophic disassembly." And you've even got a photo were a Glock with an after-market barrel came apart.

You said there has never been a documented kB! in a 9x19 but you've also documented some major problems with the G19. Soooo, is there any Glock I can trust or should I relegate the 23 to the range and carry one of my other sidearms?[/b]
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let me add some firewood...

This past weekend at the Georgia State Championship, a fellow shooter from Jacksonville had his G23 perform a "self induced catastrophic disassembly" as you put it, SHOOTING MINOR POWER FACTOR LOADS!

This was one of the new breed of Glocks with the fingergrooves and accessory rail.

Gaston and Sonny definitely need to look into this!

I still carry my G36, have a 21 to play and for home protection and both my sons shoot 17s.

Wonder whats the ratio of kB's to produced pistols :?: :?: :?:

Later mates,

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Other makers... hmmm?

I'd like to believe that because the gun world looks for them, the Glock kBs get all the publicity.

I shot a G22 and a 35 for the longest time in IPSC competition. When I didn't load my own ammo I mostly used CCI Blazer 180gr, those are kinda' hot factory loads and my .40 Glocks just seemed to love them. Both guns moved away from home early this year to to be replaced by twin 17's for my sons. The 35 went to my brother and the other to a good friend. Both get shot a lot and are still going strong with their factory barrells.

What about the other makers out there? I think Beretta had their share of problems with their military 9mm's. The 1911, as I believe we've all experimented, is a temperamental piece of equipment. I'd think that they all need some TLC to get them to work properly, but at least they don't break. I don't know about Sigs and S&W's. There's a recall on the new S&W 1911. What's that all about?

Maybe Mr. Petty or Mr. Speir can shed some light on the other makers out there.

In the mean time I still feel pretty much very well armed with my fighting plastic. They are reliable, fairly accurate, comfortable to carry, simple to operate and go BANG everytime I ask them to. We'll see what the future holds.

'til next time.
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I like it! Will have to start using it!

Dean, I'll make you famous again! :D


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