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Any kB!-less Glocks???

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Just as I was starting to feel good again because my G23 had a "born on" date of 8/96, I went to the GZ and what do I find? A 23 with an alpha-prefix of AYR kB!ed with factory Federal ammo. Then you've got another story about a 36 that, as Schmit put it, did a "self induced catastrophic disassembly." And you've even got a photo were a Glock with an after-market barrel came apart.

You said there has never been a documented kB! in a 9x19 but you've also documented some major problems with the G19. Soooo, is there any Glock I can trust or should I relegate the 23 to the range and carry one of my other sidearms?[/b]
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Any kB!-less Glocks???
See what you've done, Dean? You've got all the Dale Jr. fans pooping their pants (more than they usually do) worrying that their fine GLOCK pistols are going to blow up in their hand.

Shame on you...
[ad hominem, often homophobic and gratuitously offensive language redacted by Staff.]

and my post was very much ON topic, eh wot. :|
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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