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KTM's are the tops


Newbie here but gotta jump here and make my 1st post. Little about myself. I raced motocross when young and practically grew up on a dirt bike. Crossed over and rode street when old enough, raced figure 8 cars, 4 wheelers, enduro and harescrambles, about anything with wheels and a motor. I now putz around when possible and help manage and maintain a off-road park here in Iowa.

KTM's are the top of the heap when talking off-road bikes. I just bougt a new one last spring and unfortunatly it is for sale already :cry: I have a back injury that i can no longer or soon won't be able to ride. Not trying to push them beacuse of my bike for sale beacuse this is my dream bike I always wanted. If anyone is interested there is a pic and link below with info. This LC4 model has won the Int. Six Days Enduro many years in a row. This is a true dirt bike that is DOT legal. The best of both worlds. You gotta love that Austrian engineering, same ppl that brought us the Glock!
KTM moters were developed to be abused and the engineering is amazing. I really can't say enough good about them!

Here is my bike FS..please make me an offer if anyone is interested!details below the pic.

Like new 2001 KTM LC4 400, new this spring still under warranty, only 500 miles on it. They no longer import these enduro models -only the adventure. This bike is hardly broken in, oil changed at 100 miles. DOT street legal stock bike. It will take me anywhere I care to go and some I don't! I will deliver/meet within 150 miles of my home. $4300 OBO (-comapre a new one to this!)
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