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I haven't had any experience with the dual sport models, but if your lookin to play in the dirt its hard to beat the new 2007 450XC.

The 450XC is an excellent off road bike for enduro style riding.

Are the KTM's worth it? YES!! Every last penny! They hold their value very well and come from the factory "race ready" with many high end components already installed.

"Race Ready" doesn't necessarily mean that you will have to race the bike, just that it is set up very well and that you could race with one right out of the crate with virtually no modifications.

KTM has some new editions this year that might interest you such as the Super Enduro.

Leftover new bikes usually depreciate in value about $700-$1000 per year, so you might want to look at a leftover.

I suggest that if you want to learn something about the KTM you are interested in buying, join KTM Talk at the best resource on the planet regarding KTM bikes.

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