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I've loaded an assortment over the years (nuttin like jbars :D) and now that I can't navigate rough ground I've settled down to .357, .44 Spec., and .45 Colt for my carry guns. I made two forays into the realm of the .219 Improved Zipper as my most exotic cartridge, once in 1958 with an Enfield action, unturned bull-barreled monstrosity mounted in a stock that looked like it had been cut from a railroad tie with a dull draw knife. It shot one-hole groups. The second was a Winchester Hi-Wall, built and stocked by Archie Stahl and his son. Absolutely beautiful, but not long enough in my possession. It would, in Archies' words "Kill a terrible groundhog, way way out there".

Shooting enables reloading, and the combination is a therapy which protects reason, caution and sanity. It hasn't kept me out of the hands of the chest cutters, but I do believe it has extended my time.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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