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I have reloaded on and off for about 35 years with a 7 year break when I shot nothing but muzzle loaders and a few other breaks for lesser reasons. Now I am retired and can take some real time with the details. There have been a few surprise new developments though. I have a .444 Marlin and tried the Leverlution (sp?) rounds and decided I don't want to shoot anything else. Trouble is, Hornady said, on their website, they aren't going to sell bullets for reloading "for some time". So now I have some idle dies and brass. I really got hooked on Barnes bullets for my 30-06 and similar rounds but watch out. A lot of the bullets they put in production were superseded and are no longer available. So I bought a few hundred older ones, worked up a load only to find out I couldn't get any more. Oops. Another caution is not to buy any carbide dies. They will ruin you for anything else.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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