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.50 BMG (28-30 rounds per pound of powder!)
.338 Winmag
.338-06 (A very under-rated cartridge)
.300 Weatherby
.30-30 (TC Contender also)
.220 Swift
.222 (TC Contender also)

.480 Ruger (All the big-bore boom you'll ever need)
.475 Linebaugh (OUCH! Why does this even exist?)
.45 Colt
.45 ACP
.44 mag
.44 special
.41 mag (Another very under-rated caliber)
.35 Remington (Contender)
.32 H&R mag
.32 ACP
.30 Carbine (Ruger Blackhawk)
.30 Herrett (Contender)
.30 Luger
.256 Winmag (Contender)

.457 (Ruger Old Army, the only .457 caliber that I'm aware of)

And more bullet moulds than I can remember right off... maybe 35 or so. I get just as much satisfaction from reloading and casting as I do shooting. Nothing like dropping a big ol' bull elk with a handload topped with a cast bullet or patched ball that you made yourself... except maybe doing it with a hand-made longbow, a hand carved-cured-straightened-fletched shaft, and a hand-knapped arrowhead.

(edit) Ya know, I managed to forget...
12g (Lee Load-All. If you have nothing at all, this is better... barely)
.410 (MEC)

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The .480... YESSSS! Using a 400 grain Lee cast bullet and Hodgdon's Li'l Gun, this caliber can be easily pushed to .475 Linebaugh levels in the SRH. The SRH will handle standard pressure .475 loads, but is marginal for the proof loads, which is the biggest reason why it isn't chambered for .475. (the cylinder is long enough, barely) The Lee bullet has 2 crimp grooves and, when seated out to the lower one, the cartridge has the same case capacity as the .475. Li'l Gun has a lower pressure curve than comparable powders and is quite safe to load *well past* recommended maximums for the .480 when using the Lee bullet and lower crimp groove. Hopefully, after nearly 2 years, I'll be getting back to this project soon and will have more precise test data to report later this year.

Disclaimer: At this point, I am certainly not recommending that anyone else load their .480's past established, published maximum loads. You're on your own if you do. :shock:

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A Rock Chucker is mandatory equipment on any reloaders bench. It's all I used for about a quarter century. I bought a Dillon 550 just before this fun & entertaining probation gig started so haven't had much time to play around with it yet.
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