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While looking for a Ruger P345 I stumbled upon an ugly Barak 45. The saleman looked at me like I was stupid when I asked if they had a Ruger P345. The salesman told me Ruger doesn't make that model. This is the same idiot who told me Taurus doesn't make a 24/7 and I must be thinking about the Millenium. Needless to say I did not pick this boneheads brain for information about the Barak .45

BTW I heard the H&K P2000 subcompact doesn't have enough ATF points and they aren't currently being imported.. back to topic:

I posted a similar question on GT and TFL and so far nobody has any information regarding this pistol. The pistol is the Magnum Research Imported Israeli Military Industries "Barak" or "SP21" .45acp.

I have searched all over the Internet, USENET, and other Forums and so far there isn't diddly squat about this particular pistol. Gun Tests magazine hasn't even reviewed the gun and they are notorious for reviewing odd-ball pistols of this ilk.

First of all, the pistol is extremely hideous. However looks can be deceiving. I have a female friend who is as nice as can be in every way except physically you would have to drink a 12 pack to rate her a 1 out of 10. Having said that, the looks of a gun are not important to me as long as it's not covered in rust or is pink in color.

At the local gun store in Oklahoma City I spotted a Barak .45 for sale for $433. The gun points nicely, uses a metal magazine, has a short trigger reset and the single action letoff was crisp and the double action pull was surprizingly smooth. The gun comes with two 10 round magazines and the pistol has a decocker which I believe also functions as a saftey. I may be wrong, but I also believe the pistol has a magazine disconnect and some doo-dad thing that allows the gun to be deactive upon using a special key.

When looking at the pistol I was holding my 17 month old son and he was squirming and trying to get loose of my hold so I really didn't have quality time to fully examine the pistol. I plan to check out the pistol again the next time I am in the store, I would assume the chamber supports the brass. What I would like to know is if the gun is reliable or is the gun a jam-o-matic. I would also like to know if the polymer is of high quality (like an H&K or Ruger) or if it is crappy like the Kel-Tec polymer. Does the frame use steel inserts like the Springfield XD /Steyr, or does the frame have molded in frame rails like the Glock. Heck maybe it's just straight polymer like the Ruger P97 or the EAA polymer Witness or Israeli BUL.

Outdoor America store does not permit the sales people to field-strip the gun for customer examination, which is too bad for guys like me who are naturally curious. I'd like to remove the barrel from the slide and tap the slide near the muzzle while holding the cocking serrations at the rear. If the receiver makes a dull thud (like a Llama/Firestorm/Bersa) then the steel is going to be soft. If it makes a nice high pitched sustaining ring, then I know the steel is going to be hardened correctly and should last a long time.

I know that this gun is 100% Israeli made using no imported parts. I would assume the gun would be reliable in hot sandy climates, but this is only speculation on my part.

Right now I'll take any information, speculation, rumors, gun-store talk, basically any and all information about this pistol. I have a feeling if I drop $433 for this pistol, and it turns out to be a real turd, it will be next to impossible to sell.

Thanks in advance.


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TB --

They may be ugly, but being mfg in Israel I would bet they are very reliable and functional. I have a couple of them in the safe, but unfortunatly have not had time to shoot them.

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