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John Bruce Hunter said:
The charges involve the Wiegand brothers' federally licensed firearms business, Interordnance of America, L.P., located in Monroe, North Carolina, as well as foreign companies located in Witten, Germany and Ferlach, Austria, at one time owned and controlled by the Wiegand brothers.
Aw, rats!

I've just received five "DAWs*" from them from an Internet purchase for a client… followed up by a letter "correcting" the invoice and packing list accompanying the shipment!

Guess I may be contacted as part of the BATFE investigation!

The purchasers are coming to pick-up their nifty new acquisitions on Monday! Mebbe I should inspect the firing mechanisms before they get here, make sure that everything is in non-full auto order!

*= "Deadly Assault Weapons"
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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