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Anyone migrate from THR?

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Come yourselves...
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Welcome to the board! There are a bunch of members here from THR. It's nice to see people participating on both sites.
Oh Kee Doh Kee, STGM present.
You know...

Shutting down the RT may not have been that bad. I was looking over this sight last night. Nice site, a little bit of EVERYTHING. I wouldn't have found it otherwise!

I does seem to move a bit slower, but it could just be my imagination (or the voices in my head).

Fernando Coelho- Thanks for the greetings.
Yes as I said in another thread. I do like firearms, especially Smith N frames and RKBA but one does not live by bread alone. The problem is if you find common ground on too many boards you'll never see natural daylight! :shock:
Allow me to extend my welcome to you too. There are plenty of us here who also visit TFL, THR, Pistolsmith, 1911Forum, etc., and I don't consider us in any kind of competition with them. We're continuing to develop a place here increasingly known for its high signal-to-noise ratio when it comes to guns and gun-related subjects, and for being home to some authoritative contributors.

Thanks for joining, and I look forward to your participation.
8) Sic Transit Gloria Mondy!! You mean that Gloria only gets sick on Mondays?
BobMac said:
Sic Transit Gloria Mondy!! You mean that Gloria only gets sick on Mondays?
In the heyday of New York City tabloids (I do remember a time where there were eleven [11!] dailies!), newspapers like The Daily News, the pre-Murdock Post and the Hearst-owner Daily Mirror, they vied for the best 96-point headlines, and there were some memorable ones. Of fairly recent vintage there was:

Headless Body in Topless Bar

But my all-time favorite, from a time when people traveled back and forth to Europe on the great liners and notables were afforded tabloid ink, was:

Sick Transit; Gloria Monday

And in reading the related stories, we learned that the transit workers were about to strike, and heiress Gloria Vanderbilt was arriving from Le Havre on the Queen Mary the beginning of the week.

BTW: the actual phrase is, I believe, "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi."
A couple of years ago, I had lunch with NY Post editor Bob McManus, arranged through a mutual friend. As my friend and I waited for Bob in the reception area, we saw several classic NY Post headlines, which had been framed, including the infamous April 15, 1983 "Headless Body in Topless Bar." I wish I could have pried it from the wall and taken it home!

As Post editor Steve Dunleavy once said, "What should we have said? 'Decapitated cerebellum in tavern of ill repute'?"

Just for fun, here's New York Magazine's 35th Anniversary Greatest Tabloid Headlines

(Daily News, 1975)

(News, 1980)

(New York Post, 1982 [sic])

(Bernie Goetz turns himself in; Post, 1985)

(Koch re-elected; News, 1985)

(Post, 1990)

(Post, 1993)

(Meteor misses earth; Post, 1998)

(Senate fails to convict Clinton; News, 1999)

(Lizzie Grubman sentenced; News, 2002)

(Post, 2003)
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I am a THR refugee... don't know if I'll hang around there.

I understand Oleg's reasons, but to me it seems kinda hypocritical to stifle discussion on an RKBA forum. Oh well
He has the right...

...but I don't like it. A lot of us, or, as it seems, most of us, want the RT to stay. For me, it became a hangout spot, not a gun forum. According to Oleg, that's all he wants. I have no hard feelings, but it's not what I'm looking for.

His quote about valued members leaving struck me poorly, as it implied that the rest of us are not valued members. Also, people have a choice to read the RT, or to not read it.

I have no hard feelings towards him, or THR. It is a great site now, for me. Come Sunday, it will be a great gun site, for Oleg.
I'll lurk, but not with the same level as before. This site seems to have everything that I am looking for...
Re: He has the right...

Ex-Ma Hole said:
His quote about valued members leaving struck me poorly, as it implied that the rest of us are not valued members. Also, people have a choice to read the RT, or to not read it.
I agree,there are threads ongoing right now where people are complaining that it ever existed.I too fail to understand who put the proverbial gun to their head.
THR etc.

I posted over there for quite a while, and there are some good folks at THR. I finally got crossways with the mods over PC issues, and basically not shutting up & sitting down when I was told to.

Probably 95% of the folks over there are just interested in guns & related topics, including politics. There is a small majority that get offended about practically everything, and raise billy blue hell until somebody gets out the "banning hatchet" and starts waving it around. Sad state of affairs, and not unlike what you see in the general population today, if you believe the media.

I for one was real glad to see The Firing Line start up again. I thought maybe that the unmoderated forun at THR would be the salvation of the place, but if I understand correctly, it has been abandoned?
Closing Sunday I think.

I'll be spending more time over here too. Love the guns and all that, but there is more to life than just the steel on your hip.
I'm here (albeit with a more gender appropriate name).

I posted this at the RT:
The Roundtable came into existance right about the time I got interested in
guns and had found THR. I really want to thank Oleg for this forum, I have enjoyed it immensely, and have had a lot of fun here and had the opportunity to get to know other members a little better. The diversity of topic and usually civil discourse had me tuning in and posting daily.

The one real subject that is the reason we are all a part of THR is guns
and issues related to them. Politically, religiously, geograpically, nationally, sexually, and most any other "ly", many of us have views in common on some issues and are quite divergent on others. Unfortunately, some political topics (Bush/Kerry, demos/reps) seems to have turned into a verbal melee polarizing or alienating some members of this community.

But alas, I do understand Oleg's viewpoint and how this could take away from the primary mission of THR.


I have no feelings of enmity at all over Oleg's decision. It was a great place to be.
Now, we can just assimilate the Amback;)

cheers, ab
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I be here :lol: . Single issue sites are tiring. Concentrate on one thing long enough and everything else will engulf you. Lots of different things going on in this world. Giving them all a looksee makes for a well rounded education.
It's good to see that Oleg has decided to keep the Rountable open. It is a great feature for The High Road, something THR was missing from the very beginning. I hope all the new members here from THR will continue to participate and be a part of the AmBack extended family.
Thanks FC,

Good indeed re RT. I did lurk here some before registering recently,
and hope to continue to participate.

cheers, ab
AKA joab
I'm glad I'm not the only gun fanatic, and actually some of the views and comments have turned me off gunowners in general
My guns are a hobby bordering on obsession but not quite there yet.
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