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Ar10 issues

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I have a pretty new ar10, I've ran a few hundred rounds through it and haven't had any real issues, a occasional fte, I took it apart cleaned it and then took it to the range, and out of 20 rd I couldn't get it to cycle, it would extract the brass but not eject it then feed a live round under it, so I figured it was the ammo, so I cleaned it again and tried today with a different ammo and still same issue, the ejector is nice and tight and the extractor works only if I load one round at a time, I'm using a newer (maybe 150rda) 25rd pmag that has always worked before, this is driving me crazy and the manufacturer just says to clean it better
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Your post is a little confusing. At first it says, " would extract the brass but not eject it...", but then a little later, "...the extractor works only if I load one round at a time."

Is it extraction or ejection that you think is giving you the problem?

You don't say if you're using factory ammo or hand loads; if they're hand loads I'd try some factory ammo.
Is yours a short barrel gun? If so one issue that's common is extractor bounce which causes the extractor to slip over the rim when fired, so when the bolt starts its travel back, the extractor is not over the rim. If it happens on a rifle with a very clean chamber here's what you get...Bolt travels back, when chamber pressure drops to where the case has less of a grip on the chamber, then chamber pressure pushes the case out. Meanwhile the bolt starts it's return trip, and strips the next round out of the magazine.
Thanks Kevin...learned something new today.

The level of knowledge on this forum is astounding sometimes.
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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