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Ar10 issues

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I have a pretty new ar10, I've ran a few hundred rounds through it and haven't had any real issues, a occasional fte, I took it apart cleaned it and then took it to the range, and out of 20 rd I couldn't get it to cycle, it would extract the brass but not eject it then feed a live round under it, so I figured it was the ammo, so I cleaned it again and tried today with a different ammo and still same issue, the ejector is nice and tight and the extractor works only if I load one round at a time, I'm using a newer (maybe 150rda) 25rd pmag that has always worked before, this is driving me crazy and the manufacturer just says to clean it better
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I can't conceive of having only one magazine for any of my guns including the Chinese ones- but maybe that's experience talking- battlefield experience- if your weapon goes south under fire the first thing you do is open the action, lock the bolt to the rear, change mags and run the bolt forward-that's your I/a
when u see me out in the bush I look much the same as I did in nam I wouldn't trust the mouse gun calibers for anything- m14, or m1a, 5 20 round mags in 2 pouches, one in the gun , 2 canteens, and a good knife- the rest is in big alice or the buttpack- reason being is where I live the animules can and do get downright nasty- well, there ain't much that can stand up to 180 grain slug out of an m14,
I agree, but this isn't my primary weapon, I have a ar15 with multiple mags, and well as others, this was just gonna be for hunting, so I haven't had the need to buy more mags, just been saving for a scope
I would buy more mags b4 getting a scope-and I wouldn';t use an ar10 for hunting- there are better lighter choices
all i'm saying is it wouldn't be my first choice for hunting- I have other probably more reliable guns in my armoury- but it also depends if you stalk and spot or ambush hunt- and it's hard to beat the garand /14 platform for quick and easy strip and repairs if need be- I use one for my "camp " gun b/c they\re too heavy to tote
I have to put up with BEARS= and not black bears- I never thought that a griz would dine on a black bear until last summer when I happened on one on the trail doing exactly that
if I was you i'd be wishing for a SEA KING
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