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Here's an interesting current story on several counts:
Slow Response Noted in Colo. Dog Mauling

By CATHERINE TSAI, Associated Press Writer

KIOWA, Colo. - It took more than an hour for a sheriff's deputy to respond to a 911 call when three pit bulls attacked a couple, fatally mauling the woman, authorities acknowledged Wednesday.

Horse trainer Jennifer Brooke, 40, died after she was attacked Sunday on her farm. Her husband, Bjorn Osmunsen, also was attacked when he went to look for her.

"This is heartbreaking," said Johnette Curtis, who rents a home on the property. "She was so lovely, and somebody should pay."

Osmunsen called Curtis after the dogs attacked him. When she arrived in her truck, they drove inside the barn and shut the doors against the pack of dogs, Curtis said. Osmunsen then called 911.

"Bjorn asked, 'Is there anybody coming?'" Curtis said Tuesday. "Then I heard him say, 'You mean there's nobody coming?'"
Okay, aside from the well-known "Dial 9-1-1 and die" part, buried within the story is this kinda throw-away paragraph:
The dogs, owned by neighbor Jacqueline McCuen, attacked another person Sunday before they were shot and killed, authorities said.

Just who shot them? By the mere juxtaposition of the language, one would suspect that it was the "authorities" who finally got around to taking care of business. When we investigate the event a bit further, we find an earlier (by two days, from a different AP stringer) story which includes the following as the third paragraph:
Elbert County Undersheriff Jim Underwood said the animals, which were gunned down by a teenager and sheriff's deputies, had been involved in previous attacks, but declined to elaborate.
His screams for help brought son Cody outside with a shotgun. The teenager fired bird shot at the animals, wounding two and distracting the other dog enough so his father could get inside his pickup truck.

"He knocked two of them down. He's the hero," Baker said.

Baker said he drove his truck closer to the home so he could slip inside and get his own weapon.

"They couldn't see or couldn't walk but the big one was still watching me," said Baker. "I came out and shot the big one twice but it hardly slowed him down."

The largest pit bull weighed about 85 pounds. An Elbert County deputy arrived and finished off the dogs with a pistol….
Gawd forbid that there should be any mention of a lawful and successful use of a firearm by a civilian.

Think I'm kidding? Compare the original Tuesday 2 December / 0456 hours filing with the more recent Thursday 4 December / 1256 hours "update" which virtually omits how the attacks ended!
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