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AWB Renewal

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Just received the following from my US Representative. I admit he is an idiot and doesn't know what he's talking about, but thought you might be interested in what we're up against in the hallowed halls of Congress. In a way, I'm lucky that the 2 MO Senators are against the renewal of the AWB, but this kind of disinformation is appalling.

Dear Mr. Goldman:

This will acknowledge your Email communication expressing your concerns regarding the expiration of the law banning the sale of semiautomatic guns.

I appreciate your contacting me and apprising me of your opposition to efforts to reauthorize the ban on assault weapons. However, I must explain that I do not share your position on this issue. Assault weapons have features that were designed by military experts to enable a shooter to point, as opposed to carefully aim, the weapon and quickly target a relatively wide area with a lethal spray of bullets. This anti-personnel feature makes the assault weapon the gun of choice for criminals and distinguishes them from true hunting weapons. Also, one in five police officers slain in the line of duty is killed with an assault weapons and the current assault weapons ban is supported by virtually every federal, state and local law enforcement agency across the nation. For these reasons, I support legislation to extend the ban on assault weapons.

Thank you for your correspondence. Notwithstanding any difference we might have on a single issue, I am always happy to have the benefit of your views on the vital issues facing our nation.


Wm. Lacy Clay
Member of Congress
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Kerry Tells Bush to 'Get Real' on Assault Weapons
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry speaks at a Town Hall meeting on health care in St. Louis, Missouri, September 10, 2004. Kerry said President Bush's failure to fight for a renewal of a ban on assault weapons will make it easier for terrorists to get the lethal weapons. (Jim Young/Reuters)
Oh there is a good reason! "yeah, if we legalize these things... the terrorists could get them too!"
Oh my hell.
Like they couldn't get RPG's back home.
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