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After a long hiatus from going to Michaels on Sundays, I finally had the chance to head down this morning. I took the 998 and hooked up with Munenn with his tricked out Bonneville. Yesterday had hit 80 degrees and today promised to see 70, so the turnout was expected to be decent. With the 998 still in the break in period we took it relatively easy to Chapel Hill. The first thing I noticed about the trip down was how comfortable the 998 was to ride. I have heard horror stories about aching wrists and the uncomfortable riding position to the point where I was ready for Heli-Bars even before logging any miles on it. I'm glad I didn't get them. The bike feels perfect!

We got to Michaels around 9AM, early for us. Two or three other bikers were already there. By 10AM most of the traffic on 15/501 were bikes coming into or out of the Michaels parking lot. Even though the weather was chillier than predicted with the threat of rain, the turnout was great. There were plenty of cool bikes, a few strange bikes, and lots of friendly people. One poor gal dumped her BMW on the way into the parking lot. Remember, dear, when you go for that front break, Squeeeeeze! Don't grab!

ProdigalRN stopped by sans his 998. The look of Ducati withdrawal was written all over his face. Don't worry Stan, when your bike is finally back from the Ducshop the wait will be worth it.

Some mental notes from walking around looking at all the bikes:
· The café racer theme is picking up momentum
· American Chopper's ratings are converting to sales of radical choppers
· There are more anniversary edition Harleys than all other Harleys combined
· Some windscreens are almost the size of windshields
· No one leaves a bike stock
· GPS and radar detectors are a must
· Motorcyclists have embraced Camelbak for hydration

Here are some highlights from today…


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