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Back to Nature: Bone tools and All.

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Some folks might find this interesting. Groups that specialize, as commune type organizations, in going back as close to stone age lifestyles as possible.

I did wonder how they were obtaining so many deer, I would wonder how things like hunting seasons were managed regarding such enthusiasts.

Fascinating article, though, neat to see how far they are taking it.

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I don't want to create an account to read the article. We have a bunch of people around her who like to talk about going back to the wild. I don't think most of them would last a week. I like to ask them what they will do when they get an abcessed tooth.
Not sure how I'd fare, but most of us dirt digging ******** here in the sticks could probably manage.

"A Country Boy Will Survive."

yours, sw
Walt can always hunker down in the Luray Caverns is things get too antsy in the Shenandoah area.
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