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Funny you should ask.

My GF's son got his latest Cabela's catalog and we were discussing the fishing gear with his Grandpa. I noticed no bamboo rods of any type that I could find and grandpa came unglued. Who'd use some cheap kwap like that, etc., etc.

I told him that my Grandad fished all over the US and especially Canada and his favorite rig was... an older bamboo fly rod(and yes he used silk). He went to Scotland once and told me that they fly fish with Huuuuge poles over there.

Grandad's gone now and I haven't done any fly fishing since college days with him back in Colorado.

Gonna have to get back into it with GF's boys here real soon up in the Ruby Valley marsh areas (NorthCentral NV) and maybe up in Idaho (GF's sister lives in Boise). No real good streams down here in the Las Vegas valley.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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