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"Seems that one day this Mexican robs this bank and a Texas Ranger goes out after him. Sure enough, the Ranger catches the Mexican, but not before he was able to bury the gold. Now the Ranger could only speak English and the Mexican could only speak
Spanish so the Ranger took him back to town and found an interpreter.

The Ranger told the interpreter to ask the Mexican if he had robbed the bank. So he asks the Mexican if he robbed the bank.
The Mexican says, "si señor, I robbed the bank." The interpreter tells the Ranger yes, he admits to robbing the bank. So the Ranger tells the interpreter to ask him where he buried the gold. The
interpreter does and the Mexican says," Señor, I'm not going to tell you where the gold is." The interpreter tells the Ranger this.
The Ranger tells the interpreter to tell the Mexican if he doesn't tell him where the gold is he will shoot him.

Well, when the interpreter told the Mexican this the Mexican says," Señor, I buried the gold down by the river under an old Oak tree".
The interpreter turns to the Ranger and tells him that the Mexican said "he wasn't afraid to die!!!!!!!!!!
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