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That is one of Bravo Company's free float hand guard. A 7" one came already installed on the 6920 I acquired around October of last year. It is made of some sort of aluminum/magnesium alloy. The hand guard itself weighs just 3 ounces, with the mounting hardware. It has a 1.3 inch inner diameter with a 1.5 inch outer diameter, flat to flat. When the guy behind the counter handed it to me, the difference in weight and balance between it and my Rock River Operator 2 was amazing! (Even taking into account the weight of the bull barrel on the Rock River)

It has the traditional 1913 rail down the top which mates up perfectly with the flat top receiver. The other seven flats...forgot to tell you it was octagonal..have a series of what looks like rounded off keyholes for attachment of accessories.

The attachment system works and works well, but it requires accessories to have the compatible male counterparts to work. That is the only downside I see right now, but just isn't a deal breaker for me. You can buy a 1913 rail or set of rails in various lengths, straight line up or offset that have the Keymod mounting system. everything that I have mounted on that gun (and all I have added is a short front hand grip and a weapons light) has stayed put. No issues at all.

When I checked on the MSRP of this hand guard I was pleased that I didn't get burned on the price I paid for the Colt M-4 (that's what it says on the mag well, "M-4", not "AR-15") despite being a semi auto rifle. Bravo Company is very proud of them.

Here's a link to the BCM webite.

BCM KMR7 (KeyMod™ Free Float Handguard)
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