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"Be Still My Heart..."

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Charlie, I agree with you that S&W's return to the 25-5 Mountain Gun was a good one - almost. Like you, I'd like to see the square butt N-frame and a choice of old style wood grips/stocks or the modified combat grips/stocks they have on the new gun. I've never learned to love stainless steel even though my daily carry is that material. It doesn't have to be factory new, satin blue-black; it can be rather worn and tired from much time in a LEATHER holster.

I've got one of the newer (pre-HUD) 625-5s, SN CAP 8xxx, so it ought to be a straight shooter but that new 25-5 sure is tempting.
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I've gone through a whole bunch of stuff with the various .45 Colt S&Ws and finally got new cylinders put in some "N" serial number guns which now shoot well and often.

I really miss the old "coke bottle" style grips from the 50s and look for them all the time. Eagle Grips has some that come real close plus some that will make a round butt into a square but I don't think there is anything to compete with the old "diamond" checkered rosewood style of eons ago.
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