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Beer in the butt chicken

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Anybody try this style of cooking on the grill yet? Been reading alot about it lately.
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I have used this method of cooking chicken and it works GREAT!
I've never added any flavorings to the beer but it sounds like a good idea. Just buy cheap beer for cooking with, save the good stuff for drinking, the chickens don't care and it makes them super moist. We just cook until the beer is gone and by then the chickens are just right. This works really well when cooking for a crowd!

Okay, now you guys got my curiosity peaked. I gotta give this a try with some of Emeril’s seasoning.
yeah but the real trick is..

you have to try to make it dancing beer but chicken. This is also entertaining durring parties. Take the beer and open it only from the tab and get it cooking / cooked down to where it is almost boiling and sloshing in the can thus making the standing chicken "dance" on the grill -Take a little practice but a good time with meat : )
I use a Cajun rub on the outside and several garlic cloves in the beer can.
We cook beer chicken all the time down here. Good stuff.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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