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Beretta iProtect - Black box for a cops gun

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The new iProtect system from Beretta is very interesting. By placing various sensors in various places on the pistol, it can become somewhat of a "Black Box" for what has happened. It can also alert dispatch under certain circumstances (weapon drawn, safety off, shots fired, etc).

Given all the controversy for LE shootings, if I were a cop today, I would welcome such a system with open arms...but that's just me.

Beretta PX4i Storm (i-Protect System) - The Firearm Blog
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one drawback I can see is that the leo would be so afraid of the repercussions that he would hesitate when it called for deadly force-
That's already happening according to some CLEOs thanks to Ferguson Riot. I do wish there had been a camera at the Tamir Rice shooting.
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