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BERETTA Italian Surplus Model 92S

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To All,

I'm considering buying a Beretta Model 92S for 299.oo (with free S&H) from one of the large military surplus/gun vendors, plus a 20.oo FFL transfer.
(All of the people that I've talked to so far by email & upon several forums say that the surplus 92S handguns are in EXCELLENT/MINT condition internally & GOOD/VG/EXCELLENT condition externally. = Luck of the draw as to what exterior condition that each buyer receives.)

MOST seem to be "un-issued" or "carried a great deal" but seldom fired.

Are there any obviously flaws in that handgun that would make it a "less than suitable" self-defense handgun??

yours, sw
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A Guy Had One... the local range a couple of weeks ago. Accustomed the smooth DA trigger strokes on the 92F's that were issued by LASD, I was surprised to find the DA stroke on this one a bit gritty. On the flip side, LASD saw its share of cracked locking blocks on the 92F.

Then there's the magazine release on the heel of the butt, which may not be a bad thing if you wear thick gloves in the winter.
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