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BERETTA Italian Surplus Model 92S

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To All,

I'm considering buying a Beretta Model 92S for 299.oo (with free S&H) from one of the large military surplus/gun vendors, plus a 20.oo FFL transfer.
(All of the people that I've talked to so far by email & upon several forums say that the surplus 92S handguns are in EXCELLENT/MINT condition internally & GOOD/VG/EXCELLENT condition externally. = Luck of the draw as to what exterior condition that each buyer receives.)

MOST seem to be "un-issued" or "carried a great deal" but seldom fired.

Are there any obviously flaws in that handgun that would make it a "less than suitable" self-defense handgun??

yours, sw
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Personally I like the '92. I've got an Inox (brushed stainless) 92fs, and I put the Hogue wraparound grip on it. It's certainly a hand-filler, but there's something neat about shooting a pistol that makes 9mm feel like a .22.

The best part about it, though, is the groans I get from Charlie et al when I pull it out of the bag: "Oh no, not the pizza pistol."

Then, of course, they pull out their Walthers or Lugers, I make an obligatory snotty comment about their schnitzel pistols, and we all get back to shooting.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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