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BERETTA Italian Surplus Model 92S

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To All,

I'm considering buying a Beretta Model 92S for 299.oo (with free S&H) from one of the large military surplus/gun vendors, plus a 20.oo FFL transfer.
(All of the people that I've talked to so far by email & upon several forums say that the surplus 92S handguns are in EXCELLENT/MINT condition internally & GOOD/VG/EXCELLENT condition externally. = Luck of the draw as to what exterior condition that each buyer receives.)

MOST seem to be "un-issued" or "carried a great deal" but seldom fired.

Are there any obviously flaws in that handgun that would make it a "less than suitable" self-defense handgun??

yours, sw
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Gee Mike...Jim coined pizza pistol, not me

FWIW I don't like the 92 either... just does not feel good to me... but I'd be all over buying one if it was USGI

Apparently there is something to the change in NATO pressure standards. For another project I shot several different M882 9mm NATO lots and compared them with current Winchester white box which is marked "nato" and has the same headstamp. Velocities were identical between those and threeedifferent lots of GI.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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