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DeanSpeir said:
Jack said:

In 1991, some members of Congress got enough heat from 1701 Indian Head Beretta Drive that it formally directed USMC to stop refusing to accept delivery of the M9s. The following year, realizing the gaping "loophole" their Act had permitted, they passed another one, this time specifically ordering the Corps to stop simply accepting those deliveries and warehousing them, and to start issuing the M9s to its personnel.

I'd forgotten about that episode. It still brings a smile.

I had an opportunity to talk with a retired LA Sheriff's Department instructor about their experiences with the Beretta 92. The thing that stood out was to take seriously Beretta's warning not to dryfire without a snapcap in place, or you risk firing pin breakage.
To me, that seems to be a defective in design, particularly when just about every other manufacturer has found a way to build a pistol that can be dryfired.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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