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I am looking for a Sporting Clays shotgun and pretty much decided on either the Beretta 686 White Onyx Sporting Clays or the Winchester Select Energy. In my area, they sell for comparable prices.
I have handled the Beretta. Accordig to the folks at the gun shop, it fits me and to be honest, I enjoyed how it came to the shoulder.
I have not handled this particular Winchester model but I have the Premier and it also was comfortable.
I did not shoot the Winchester well, but then, I don't really shoot anything very well. I just enjoy trap and 5 stand.
I'm looking at Sporting Clays guns because they may be more usable than Trap guns. Plus, no one around here even stocks trap guns.
I would appreciate any comments you may have concerning overall quality or shootablility. Heck, I'd like your comments on anything you think I might need to know about.
My actual first choice is a Browning, but they are out of my budget.
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