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Some of you Bikers out there might be tempted to see the new film "Biker Boyz". I was, although I really didn't have high hopes for the film. I expected it to be a 2- wheeled spin-off (rip-off?) of "The Fast and the Furious". It was, although the plot line must have been penned by a 14 year old rather than the 8 year old who did "F&F".
The two lead actors, Derek Luke and Lawrence Fishburne do a very good job acting in spite of being stuck in very 2 dimensional roles. The bike stuff consists mostly of squid stunts and street drag racing. Almost all the bikes in the film are of Japanese manufacture, although some other stuff was sprinkled around at odd moments in the film. There were even 2 "Biker Boyz" on quads. I guess that's a new kind of p.c. thing.

As for the story line, the film pretended to have a story line, and took itself seriously as a drama. This, to me anyway, is bordering on unpardonable. "The F&F" at least knew it was cheese going in- it really didn't pretend to be anything more than a future rainy Saturday afternoon flick. At that, it was great. After all, the Charger was cool, wasn't it? Alternately, it would take either an unconscionable amount of psychotropic medication or brain death to make "Biker Boyz" palatable to most of us over 30.

Lawrence Fishburne, how could you do this to yourself? You are one of the really good actors of our time. I hope you got a great big paycheck for this thing, because this film isn't one of the things you'll want to look back on otherwise.

Having said all this nasty crap, I did stay and see the whole film, and if I was 18 I would have really enjoyed it. After all, I loved "White Lightning", so tyou can't expect too much from me in terms of taste.. Although when the lights came on in the theater, I was the only guy there over 40, and left on the only bike in the parking lot. I guess the joke was on me. Again. Shit happens.
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