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Bill Clinton: Quad by-pass

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Not sure if I should post here or on politics. Flip of the coin put me here.

Seems our former President went to the hospital last night with chest pain. He's gonna need surgery.

I never cared for his politics, and never voted for him, but he did the best he could while in office, and I tahnk him.

My thoughs go out to him and his family.
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May he be in as much pain as I am 10 years later. See, I'm not wishing anything worse on him than I got. :lol:
May LUCIFER claim him as soon as possible.

Go read the book, "Dereliction of Duty" and you will understand my animosity. Klinton was playing golf and would not take the call when they had OBL's exact co-ordinates and without WJC's approval, no strike was allowed. Just think how many american lives would have been saved if ol slick Willie's golf game were not more important than items of national security.
Why couldn't this have happened to Ted Kennedy and Mickey Moore-on?
I shall have to light more candles in the pentagram on this one.

Clinton was a flat out traitor to his country. He gave weapons secrets to China... the same China that is stockpiling oil and steel reserves, cranking out super quiet attack subs, and re gearing up for war as fast as they can. ... index.html
"Improving the building of weapons and equipment is a task of top priority in our preparations for a military struggle," the People's Daily, a mouthpiece of the party, quoted Jiang as saying. Other newspapers carried similar reports.


Hey Bill... I hope the devil has a nice place waiting for you... you jerk.
I cannot wish ill of Clinton, partly due to my religious beliefs, but also partly due to a practical consideration: if he dies, the Dems will probably get a "sympathy vote" boost. Here's hoping he recovers....only to become a complete political has-been.
That's a good point.
In fact I was thinking last night that the timing of this was rather interesting... RNC Convention gives Bush a huge bounce and puts him well in the lead in most of the polls... So they do this little stunt to "bring the Democrats together".

But I am not so sure the American People are going to go so far as to vote for Kerry because of Clinton. Because Kerry is repugnant even to them. 90% of those voting for him are only because they are voting against Bush.... or because they are as stupid as a sack of hammers.
I think it just shows how far Bill will go to avoid having to spend time with Hillary:

"The Clintons had been scheduled to tour the New York State Fair in Syracuse on Friday afternoon." ... index.html
Reckon she'll bring a fatty-food lawsuit against McDonald's?

Do any of you guys remember all of the old guys that were dying off when Viagra first came out?

I wonder............
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