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now, most don't use ccw for this drill, but unless you open carry, that's bs. Most also just use sloppy stopwatch timing, which is plus or minus 1/2 second, and that's baloney, too. wear a true ccw gun, under a shirt, using powerful loads. start hands at sides, no "warmup" draws or shots. Face 90 degrees to one side or the other. this negates the "locked on" bs that point shooters try to set up, you see, KIDDING themselves about what they can actually expect to do when it's for real.

On the beep of the timer, pivot, clear the garment out of the way, draw and get 7 hits on the chest of a 7 yd torso, record your time. If you can crowd 2 seconds, you are world class. If you can crack 2.5 seconds, you are damned good, if 3.0 seconds is about your time, you are pretty fair. Most cops, tho, will need 4-5 seconds. :) remember, every 1/4 second slower that you are, as vs what you could be (with work) is another shot that you are allowing each of your enemies to fire. Because anyone can hit pretty good, on torso sized targets, at 7 yds of range, at a rate of 4 shots per second, with a .22 autopistol. Who can say that the bad guys will not be so armed, hmm?
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