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I recently traded in my R1200C Cruiser on a 650 GS thumper. The Cruiser is a great bike, but as I got more experience (10k) riding it, it seemed more and more limited. It also became clear to me that it wasn't 'my kind of bike', whatever that means.
So, I traded it in on a 650 GS, which seemed like a lot more fun and would be a good first bike for my wife, who is taking the MSF course in about a month. I got the bike Wednesday, and it just passed its 600 mile first service yesterday.
After 16 hours of country back roads in 3 days, and then yesterdays 2 hour ride to the dealer and back in drizzle and mid-30s temps, I'm taking the day off from riding. It's raining, anyway. A good day for cosmetic mods, most of which I won't bother you with.

Most important, I had the dealer install a 15 tooth front sprocket yesterday. It came from Wunderlich (actually, it's stamped "Renthal"), and cost about $30 from BMW of Santa Cruz which carries an almost complete line from Wunderlich.
I had the dealer install it, because I have a history of trouble installing pulleys on freely turning things. The last time this happened, I was installing a reduced alternator pulley on my '97 Mustang, and ended up pedalling my roadbike for 2 hours up and down the suicide lane of a busy 5 lane road looking for the nut that fell off almost immediately.... the less said about that, the better. Now I just leave things like this to guys with access to an impact wrench, and cheerfully hand over the cash. I suppose I could have tied the rear wheel to the frame, and whanged on a breaker bar, but I'm getting more careful in my old age. The image of a well-rounded off nut still securely torqued to the original sprocket haunted me a bit.
The results were good. The bike now feels much more "torquey", and is easier to creep off the line smoothly from a dead stop if you have to. The throttle also seems more crisp in the midrange, too- a real good thing for exploiting gaps in traffic, or squirting around Grandma going hell-for-leather at 35mph on a country 2 lane.
The downside is that the bike is a bit more buzzy at speed. With the factory 16 tooth sprocket it did ~ 4,000 rpm @ 60 in 5th. Now, with a 15 tooth, it does ~ 425rpm more at the same speed. I've had it up top 70 (5k rpm indicated) since, and it did that fine, but I'd suspect the bike will no longer do its published top speed of 105. That's fine with me- I have a sport bike for that kind of thing, and well beyond if I want. That's not what this bike is for, so limiting myself to about 90mph okay.

Next week I'll be adding progressive fork springs from Touratech , and a taller seat from the Dakar model. Some day real soon it'll likely receive a K&N and Staintune muffler.
Stay tuned....
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