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Bourne Again

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Don't remember when I've been more delighted with a sequel… probably have to go back to G2 30 years ago… then I was with The Bourne Supremacy.

It is non-stop action all the way… a breath-taking pace set by the relatively new Paul Greengrass taking over from another relative newbie, Doug Liman.

There's some annoying "NYPD Blue-esque" camera-movements, but I cannot fault the finished product which simply rocks from the opening reel in Goa, India, to the edge-of-your-seat finale in Moscow, Russia.

Matt Damon continues to surprise as ubër-spook "Jason Bourne." Boy is not only buff, but exhibits some excellent moves as well.

At least five members of the The Bourne Identity cast return to reprise their roles, so there's a good continuity at work, very important for this particular narrative since a key perception established during the earlier film is impeached in the current one… actually one of the easier "twists" to spot.

For this and the predecessor flick, I forgive Damon his friendship with that unbearable putzola Ben Affleck. Can't wait for the third one in the series!
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I concur with your thoughts on this fine movie. I went and saw it and I*ROBOT the same evening last week --- very different movies but both would rate about 3.5 stars in my opinion.
And, I also agree with ole Boston Ben being a real weenie! Hopefully, after the election, Ben will hop on the Kerry Bus and take all of them on a ride to a foreign country for GOOD!
I just read the book (Identity) for the first time last week. It's a great premise but the story was a bit dated. I also expected Ludlum to be better about guns but alas he used the term revolver and automatic interchancably. Another thing was his protrayal of Carlos as a Super terrorist. In real life Carlos bungled most of his jobs.

Ed said:
In real life Carlos bungled most of his jobs.
Yeah, but in "real life" Carlos was a v-e-r-y most wanted individual, wasn't he?
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