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Breeders' Cup 2003

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So who is going to be glued to their tv set or even better at Santa Anita on Saturday? :D

Too bad so many have already been retired or are out.

Some friends and I have done a webpage with photos of many of the top contenders in this year's races.

Check it out!

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Really nice pics.
I for one will be watching on tv as it's still a little too hot here for serious outdoor riding activities.
Hey Jim,

I'm in the Phoenix area too and it is WAY too hot right now. 8) Nice in the late evenings/early mornings and my a/c bill is going down so it is getting cooler by that gage, but ..

Had taken a week off, but didn't get much accomplished outdoors. Maybe next month it'll cool down during daylight hours ...

Debi's a wonderful photographer and gets some really great shots. I generally cut things off and/or snap the shutter at the wrong time.

One of the photos (Irish Warrior) was taken at Turf Paradise, btw. We've got a whole site dedicated to racing in Arizona and I pulled it from there.

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Thanks for the web site link. I'm not really too much into racing but do like to watch a great race. I grew up about one mile from Suffolk Downs in Ma. and now I work about one to two miles from Turf P.
Can't wait for weather to break so I can enjoy the desert in comfort again and not have to trailer up north.
What kind of riding do you do, Jim? Hey a horse is a horse. Of course of course! Speaking of which, there's supposed to be a Mr. Ed marathon on TV Land today.
Pat, I did get to watch all the races while babysitting my new stray kitty that found me at work on Fri. and trying to diffuse hostilities between him and my 4yr. house cat.(Who himself was a stray).
I don't have cable or sat. tv so I don't get to watch Mr. Ed.
My riding these days is strictly pleasure trail riding after spending many years calf roping, reining etc.
I don't have a computer at home and use this one at work ( I work an evening shift).

Hey,I'm new here! :D

When is the Breeder's Cup running and what channels are going to show it? I have Dish and I get TVG channel.It's just horse racing.

I haven't been paying attention to the major races this year.Who is entered in it?

Has anyone else read Seabiscuit? I finished the book yesterday,it is really good!! I haven't seen the movie yet.
You missed it this year. The Breeders' Cup was on October 25th as you probably figured out from the followup posts in this forum.

You can read about the 2003 races via links at:

The 2004 races will be at Lone Star Park in Texas on October 30th. The races will probably be telecast on NBC - I forget if their contract is up or not, but it'll be highly publicized.
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