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Bren 10 Lust

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Now when are you going to manufacture the damn things? I'd like mine in a usefull caliber, please- like the original 10mm. Or, failing that, as you apparantly have .45 mags to copy, how about in .40 Super? Oh, and while the Wish Fairy is listening, how about some cunningly new yet legal hi-cap mags for it as well? There isn't much point to such a big, heavy handgun otherwise.
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I am not even going there. Spent way too much time researching the potential of a Bren Ten resurrection only to find that the cost would far outweigh any return. There are a lot of Bren Ten fans out there, but the truth is there aren’t enough to support the re-introduction of the gun. Today the craze is in polymers and ultra-compact autoloaders.
I have not gotten one in yet, but Dan Wesson has just introduced a 10MM 1911 5" --- will post more once I see one.

Cold, hard Reality

Fernando- You have to admit, though, that the Bren 10 is a neat thing with an interesting history. Having said that, in my saner moments (few though they might be) I realise that time has passed the Bren 10 by. I really doubt there is a market for a great big and heavy hi-cap handgun with a 10 round limit. Thank you, Bill freakin' Clinton. In order to make it marketable, it would probably have to be a single-stack, concealable mutant of the original with a ploymer frame. No thanks. As it is, even as a die-hard 10mm fan, I can't see what the Bren 10 realistically could offer that my smaller and lighter Delta Elite doesn't already give me. 10 rounds is 10 rounds, and there is no point in adding unnecessay weight or thickness to a handgun unless you get something else in return.
But a Bren 10 would be a real kick to have- especially now that EA seems to have dropped the 10mm from their Witness line.

Mike- Thanks for the heads-up on the Wesson 1911. I'll be watching for your followup post on that. I have to admit that it's idle curiosity on my part, though.
It seems bizzare to me that there could be yet another 1911 clone, yet S&W and now DW are joining in. This feels to me like when Porsche announced they would be building an SUV
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