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I recently inherited a Browning "Light Twelve" semi-auto shotgun. I think it was produced in the 50's and its never been fired or if it has it's very limited. Perfect condition, no scratches mars and it's engraved with some beautiful scroll work. Anyone have any idea of the value?
Nice gun. I have one that was made in 1950, +/-. Mine was my father's and it is used, though still in pretty decent shape and certainly shootable.
Mine has an unusual safety; a wedge of gold plated metal that is in the front of the trigger guard and is similar to the M-1 Garand safety in that you push it forward to put in "fire" mode. I was wondering if yours has the same type of safety being it is almost a contemporary. I think A5s were made with this safety for only a short period of time.
I can't really guess at the price but dfariswheel has probably given you a good idea.
I consider mine to be priceless, really; it was my father's and for that reason it has value to me that you just can't attach a dollar value to.
I trust you will enjoy and value your scattergun.:D
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