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Browning's New 1911 Style .380ACP

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It's not quit full size but pocket pistol it ain't.

Browning 1911-380
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YEP. Personally, I really wish that somebody would "resurrect" the old Colt's Model of 1908, adding only an ambi-dexterous safety.
(The good originals are too much $$$$$$$$$ to daily pocket carry.)
I've got a 1903 in .32ACP. I'm the second owner as it was bought by a great uncle to carry when he made house calls. San Antonio was a little rough back then. Anyway Dr. Bowen's widow, Aunt Olga called one day in a small panic. She was digging around in the bottom drawer of her Singer when she found it. It was loaded with half jacketed soft lead nose rounds.

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As to El Paso Saddlery, they offer the 1911 swivel cavalry holster with web belt hanger and a 1940 style most of us carried. I've got one of the 1940 models stuffed away somewhere.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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