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Browning's New 1911 Style .380ACP

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It's not quit full size but pocket pistol it ain't.

Browning 1911-380
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Didn't Charlie Petty or one of the other "name" smiths convert a Model M into a mini-1911 in .380 once?

My only complaint about it is that I prefer mine GI-style: tang (preferably long-tang like late-WWII) grip-safety and spur hammer, arched mainspring housing, closely-spaced vertical cocking serrations.
SW, they did a limited run of Collector Grade Model M reissues recently, but I get the impression they're meant to be collectors' items rather than shooters.
Yep...make mine identical to OSS or General Officer spec, but without the "Limited Edition" stuff--hell, MacArthur alone practically handed the things out like he was giving candy to kids at Halloween if memory serves.

Maybe make the General Officer Pistol belt and holster available through the Custom Shop as an "optional add-on."
The new model Ms are all .32 Cal and seem to be selling for between $1200.00 and $1500.00, if you can find one, as they are scarce right now. Awful spendy for a pocket pistol.
*Assuming* (yeah, I know, that evil word) the new ones are faithfully made to original spec, if the reports I've read are right it's not that difficult to up-gun a 1903 to a .380 if you can get the 1908 top-half parts and magazine for the bigger caliber.

*Big* assumption, though.
Be nice, Steve, some of us resemble that remark! :p
Will .38 Super still penetrate some of the more archaic or cheapass body armor out there? LOL
1 - 6 of 32 Posts
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