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Bufalo 32 cal

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Hi All,
Here is the Spanish sidearm I came to own a few months back. It fires easy with smooth triggeraction but it did jam on the 7th mag. I dunno if I will keep it - the ammo is just a hair more $ than i want to spend just to play. I need to take it out and test the accuracy. Do you value accuracy over dependability? How old do you think this piece is? Thanks.


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Another Spanish knock-off of the FN/Browning model of 1910? At one time it was the most copied pistol in the world. Notice the grip safety.

NH Brad said:
Do you value accuracy over dependability?
Dependability, definately. At most gun fight distances (under 21 feet) it's hard to miss using only the front sight or the orientation of the gun. Read Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights by Jim Cirilo for full expanation of the technique.
IMO it falls into the "better than no gun at all" category, but they are not known for dependability or durability. I think it would have more value as a curiosity or conversation starter than the little bit of cash you might get for it.
There were lots and lots of Spanish knock-offs, some ok'ish, most not so ok.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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