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I had forgotten how good this flick is.

Highly recommended if you haven't seen it in a while.

Takes me back...
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A couple weeks or so ago the Tom Selleck CBS series "BLUE BLOODS" ran an episode where one of the storylines was the Mustang from "Bullit" was hijacked, and the NYPD had to get it back. Supposedly some nerdy guy owned it ... turned out it was (A.) a plot by the "owner" for insurance fraud and (B.) wasn't even the real BULLIT car but a repro.

Captain Gyro said:
There have been so many great movies filmed on those streets. I once found an online walking tour of scenes from Dirty Harry. From the roof top where the swimming girl was shot in the opening sequence, to the church, to the stadium...even down the alley where Harry climbs a trash can to peer in a window. Great movies, beautiful town.
A bit of trivia: That rooftop "where the girl was shot" atop a hotel, stands on the ground where the Old San Francisco Town Hall used to stand up until a year or two prior to the making of that Eastwood film.
That old "Town Hall" building was used as the exterior in the old Raymond Burr series "IRONSIDE" for the bldg his "office/living space" was located in on the top floor ....for those here who may recall that old series.
The interior of Ironside's office was a set in Hollywood at Universal Studio....and those who paid real attention will note the interior geometry/spacing shown in set did not truly match the exterior filmed in San Francisco. After the Town Hall was razed, the show had to use its cache of pre-filmed images of the old Town Hall.
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I got to Frisco in the summer of '74. Fascinating city geographically, architecturally, but was full o' nutz 40 years ago and has many many more now.
I had forgotten how good this flick is.

Highly recommended if you haven't seen it in a while.

Takes me back...
Well, I just recently obtained the special 2 DVD set of "BULLITT"
and last night as I sat down to digest my superfluous abundancy of Turkey I watched it. If I've seen it before, I don't remember it, so it was a "new" film for me.
Yes, the chase seen is a classic .... I think it became the "chase seen" to meet or beat in a lot of subsequent films.
Fun to see those old actors. Norman Fell, Simon Oakland....a Robert Vaughn still looking like Napoleon Solo out of "THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E." except acting all smarmy as D.A. Chalmers....
and every once in awhile I remember what a LOSS Steve McQueen's far too early death was to cinema.
This was one of those times ....
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