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Bush's Quip and Keeping Up with the Kerry Campaign…

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Fernando just forwarded me a disgruntled letter from a TGZ visitor complaining about broken and forwarding links on one of the RKBA pages, The Case Against Kerry, specifically the ones referencing the candidate's stances and pronouncements on things we deem important to us:
…the links to "Kerry on Crime," "Kerry on Firearms #1," and "Kerry on the NRA" seemed to have been hijacked to take you back to the Kerry/Edwards home page. Another link, "Kerry on Firearms #2" gives you "page cannot be found."

I don't know if these links were changed on purpose, in which case, they should be removed, they are quite misleading, or if they were changed "inadvertently."
Ack! The dreaded "404 / Page Not Found" message, the bane of any WebMaster!

Interestingly, this was the second time in the past two months I've had to significantly revise the links on that particular page… and for good reason.

When incumbent Bush43 quipped earlier this month that if you didn't like Kerry's position on an issue, you probably just caught him at a bad moment, there was considerable truth in what some assumed was a campaign jape. His staff clearly works overtime at spinning, revising and polishing their man's message.

Unequivocal statements about guns, the NRA and the Second Amendment have morph'd into softer, dare I say "gentler," omnibus policies/positions, and I suspect that as the Kerry/Edwards campaign progresses toward the November elections and streamline their "message" based on how it plays as it is rolled out, I'll be mending even more links.

Anyone who spots something of this sort which needs to be addressed, a "heads-up" will be appreciated.
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Dean, you can't keep up with a politician. It's impossible. You still have a soul and are this not able to phase shift through the nuance like a skilled lycanthropic politician such as Kerry.
Just like the ability to pee standing up prohibits men from fully understanding any given woman.
I applaude the effort, but you are builting sand castles before the tide.
According to TIME, Kerry busted 17 out of 25 clays with a Beretta O/U at a skeet event. No word if it was the "assault" version. Based upon that I can believe that he may keep his shooting skills current. Of course, so does Prince Charles and I don't see him doing much to advance RKBA in the Green and Pleasant Land.

I was impressed by his pledge to "create" 10 million new jobs while simultaneously increasing the minimum wage. :roll:
There will be 10 million new jobs created, just not in the US. It will be in places like china & tiawan. :(
Methinks that all copyright concerns and desires to not directly quote long strings of text should fall subordinate to taking a "snapshot" of what the relevant political puke said on xxx URL at time coordinates MM:DD:YY:HH:MM:SS.

The complete URL and the time coordinates must always be part of the post. Google can't archive every shifting-sand webpage forever. :evil:
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